Playstation 3 & 4 Repair in Lincoln

We are a dedicated repair centre.

If you’re looking for professional, reliable and fast Playstation repairs in Lincoln or even Lincolnshire, Computer Clinik are here to help. With a vast range of high quality equipment and skills, we have the ability to deal with almost every issue relating to repairs upgrades and maintenance of Playstation consoles. Even other repair companies use our services for many of their repairs.

Take a look below at some examples of repairs we offer for Playstation consoles.

Common Playstation Repairs

Flashing red light or yellow light?

One of the most common faults on the Playstation 3 is the flashing red light. This is what a lot of people refer to as the "Yellow light of death!"
It's called this because a fraction of a second before the light turns red, it shows as yellow, but its easily missed.
Don't worry though, we see and fix this issue every day. Plus if we can't fix it, we don't charge!

Not reading games?

We see this issue a lot. This problem is usually because the Blu-ray Laser has failed. We can fit a brand new laser and offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY for peace of mind.

Not accepting a disc?

Sometimes the mechanism of the Blu-ray drive can become misaligned and stop accepting discs.
This is usually caused by someone hitting the top of the Playstation or foreign objects posted into the slot. We can strip apart the drive and realign the mechanism or replace any broken parts.

System not getting to the dashboard?

Sometimes corrupted system files or a corrupted hard drive can cause the Playstation to stick on startup.
We can fix this issue and offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY too.

System overheating?

The cooling system on the Playstation is very good, but once it gets clogged up with fluff and dust, the console can become too hot to operate. Usually the fan will ramp up to be very loud or sometimes the system can turn itself off.
We can clean out your Playstation and repaste the processors.
We offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY with this service.

Power Issue?

The power supply on the Playstation can sometimes fail causing the system to have no lights or power. This is less common than other Playstation faults but equally repairable.

Featured services

Broken Laptop Screen?

We can repair your laptop for an affordable price, even if the whole screen is smashed. Give us a call today for a free quote and find out just how affordable it will be.

Nasty popups or viruses?

If your machine is showing popups or running slow you will most likely have viruses. We can check for free to see and only charge to remove them.